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Love the Winter (even when it doesn't love your skin)

Do you ever think to yourself during your morning routine, "I don't need sunscreen today, it's winter". Well, think again. Winter poses many challenges to our skin: dryness, cold and wind require a bit of extra TLC for our skin such as stepping up your moisturizing product, pampering facials and soothing masques. However, the biggest challenge (even in winter) is photodamage from the sun. Generally we think that sunsreen is not necessary unless the sun is out, we're spending several hours outdoors or we just don't have that much skin exposed. The fact is, that even when it is cloudy or we are only outside for a few minutes the skin on our faces and necks is always exposed year around and therefore the most succeptable to photo damage from the sun. Even when we drive we are not protected by our vehible windows from all elements of the suns damaging rays. A good way to demonstrate this is to look at your face in the mirror and assess where you have the most freckling, sun spots, volume loss and sagging (if you are over 35). You may be surprised to see that the left side of your face will often show the highest level of sun damage.

So, how to counteract the winter's "bite" on our faces and neck?

1. Protect from environmental damage with an antioxidant serum containing vitamin C applied each morning.

2. Prevent further damage with 50 SPF suncreen every day no matter what.

3. Correct and repair previous damage with a higher intensity moisturizer morning and night as well as a retinol cream or serum at bedtime.

4. Wear a hat with a brim when you are outdoors to minimize exposure especially when outdoors for an extended period of time.

Don't be lulled into complacency by cloudy or overcast day as some UV rays are still able to penetrate and cause damage to your skin. One last factor to consider is the reflection of the sun's rays on snow, ice and water which can increase your exposure beyond the normal.

So get out there and enjoy the beautiful place that we live while taking care of the skin your in!

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